Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Feature: Shutter Speed

"Taylor's novel Shutter Speed is a dark thriller with stylistic writing similar to Michael Crichton."
~ Amazon Review

"SHUTTER SPEED is a very sneaky story. It worms its way into your psyche and latches on as you watch the events unfold." ~ The Bibliophilic Book Blog

"Mark Taylor brings a fresh burn of imagination to the reader with his suspense, thriller Shutter Speed." ~ Rebecca Besser, Author of Zombie Inside

 "Author Mark Taylor gives us a gripping story from the start."
~ Amazon Review

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"Evil Doesn't Burn..."
SHUTTER SPEED by Mark Taylor
Kindle Unlimited:

Burned, scarred, and left for dead, Jimmy Tasker is running from everyone.

The blaze changed him—changed the way his brain fires—and left someone else in his head with him. Someone who wants to kill for fun.
He changes his name, buries his past, starts a new life…and disappears.
Years later, four friends from the city are hard up. Steve needs work, Gil’s jumpy, Peter is struggling, and Cal’s an addict. So they plan a robbery. Steve backs out, but the other three go through with it and botch the job, resulting in the death of Lauren Westerbrook.
Ronan Westerbrook has a hidden past, a love of photography…and a fondness for flame.
Ronan’s revenge for his wife’s death culminates in a bloodbath—and unleashes Jimmy, who was there all along, tormented by nightmares of atrocities he has no idea if he truly committed.
Steve is trying to build a respectable life, but now Jimmy has one last piece of unfinished business…the only witness who can identify him.


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Strange: A competition

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Are dreams made of jello or of blackened hearts? What are the four shadows? From a career defined by darkness comes the unexplained, the unbelievable and the shocking.

Mark Taylor’s Strange is a collection of six. Six tales of woe, six tales of terror, six layers of hate. But more, so much more, they are the answers in the darkness, the shades no longer grey...or are they?

Within the trials of Networking and the totalitarian Total Entertainment are the terrifying consequences of technology, and Eternal Light sees the world extinct.  Inside and Elizabeth toy with the mind, and that just leaves Dead Game where you might like what you find.

Come, come and visit...come and play...where we are all a little...Strange.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review: Heaven's Forgotten

Branden Johnson's debut novel.

This one's a little different from my usual reads. For a start it's not a horror... dun, Dun, DUN!



Moira just wants a normal life for her daughter, Penelope. And sometimes, it seems like she has achieved it. Penelope is a sweet, smart, and precocious four-year-old girl. However, she is also the product of Moira's affair with an angel. Her parentage gives Penelope strength far beyond what any child should possess. It also makes her the target of fallen angels who intend to use her mysterious powers as their way back into Heaven. Worse yet, one of those fallen angels is her own father. Now, Moira finds herself caught up in a terrifying struggle for Penelope's life against beings more powerful than she can imagine. And when Penelope's true power is revealed, it will shake the foundations of reality.

Suspenseful and action-packed, Heaven's Forgotten demonstrates the power of a mother's love against the longest odds in Heaven and on earth.


So, I had my doubts. I thought I was going to get something a little YA, perhaps. Although listed as dark fantasy, the synopsis reads like a good number of teen angst-y novels. I was wrong.

It is full on dark fantasy, and very good it is too.

The protagonist, Moira, is a well rounded character. Actually, given the situation she's in, Johnson writes the character's breakdown extremely well. The ancillary characters are good too.

Johnson has also written in a mythos around the angels that is both terrifying and real. 

Although a slow starter, the book had me gripped soon enough. 

It's a heart-string-puller, with plenty of action, and believable characters, from a situation that could have been almost, well, silly.

Totally recommended for adults, mature YA, and dark fantasy fans.