Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review: Heaven's Forgotten

Branden Johnson's debut novel.

This one's a little different from my usual reads. For a start it's not a horror... dun, Dun, DUN!



Moira just wants a normal life for her daughter, Penelope. And sometimes, it seems like she has achieved it. Penelope is a sweet, smart, and precocious four-year-old girl. However, she is also the product of Moira's affair with an angel. Her parentage gives Penelope strength far beyond what any child should possess. It also makes her the target of fallen angels who intend to use her mysterious powers as their way back into Heaven. Worse yet, one of those fallen angels is her own father. Now, Moira finds herself caught up in a terrifying struggle for Penelope's life against beings more powerful than she can imagine. And when Penelope's true power is revealed, it will shake the foundations of reality.

Suspenseful and action-packed, Heaven's Forgotten demonstrates the power of a mother's love against the longest odds in Heaven and on earth.


So, I had my doubts. I thought I was going to get something a little YA, perhaps. Although listed as dark fantasy, the synopsis reads like a good number of teen angst-y novels. I was wrong.

It is full on dark fantasy, and very good it is too.

The protagonist, Moira, is a well rounded character. Actually, given the situation she's in, Johnson writes the character's breakdown extremely well. The ancillary characters are good too.

Johnson has also written in a mythos around the angels that is both terrifying and real. 

Although a slow starter, the book had me gripped soon enough. 

It's a heart-string-puller, with plenty of action, and believable characters, from a situation that could have been almost, well, silly.

Totally recommended for adults, mature YA, and dark fantasy fans.

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