Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review: GRIEF. The Horsemen Tetralogy

Okay, so I did some Google work on the author, Dimpra Kaleem, and came up with it being a pen name for someone else. Um. Whatever. To the book!

So, I picked this up...somewhere...I'm so freaking vague these days. It was on Amazon, and free, so I guess Bookbub? Or maybe a Facebook Group? I don't even know.

Anyway. Between longer reads I thought I'd jump in and read it. It's like 45 pages on Kindle.

From salvation to damnation.

When an act of desperation leads to a demonic deal, one man must pay the price of his arrogance.

The Horsemen are being assembled - renewed and renamed.

Grief, Fury, Hatred and Lust.

Each with a story to tell. 

Okay, the synopsis gives nothing away, and hell, neither will I. Rolling it into one sentence, a parson - preacher - is about to lose everything, and starts to make deals...if you get my drift. It's dark fantasy. Modern horror. It's really well written. There are a few grammatical errors, but aside from that the formatting is excellent.

Kaleem brings humor, a well written word, and a twisted realism to the world that he has created. And good it is too. The protagonist is realistic and within the story (it'll make more sense when you read it, and I suggest you do) you have no idea who is who.

For such a short story it brings in a great sense of worldliness.

I was - am - sold on it. 

I cannot wait for the next one. 

Hold on. I've said nothing about the written word. The story is written with a light touch. It's very 'fun' to read. It bounces along, and lets you enjoy the scenes. It does have its dark moments though, trust me. And by dark, I mean pitch fucking black. 

That's not to say that a younger reader (Late YA) would not enjoy it. 

I'll say this: It has stuck with me. Kaleem has pitched me. I know he's there. I just need more.

You can purchase the book here:


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