Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Review of the Year '15

This year has been a good year. A really good year, for me. A fucking great year.

Normally, about now, I'd do a "look at me and what I did" post, maybe highlighting some pitfalls, and such, but this year? Nah. I'ma do a rundown of people to thank, great books I've read, and just general indie awesomeness!

It's been a year of me reading indie authors. There have been highs, as well as lows. My only comment on the lows is that if you're going to self publish, or publish through a small press, do it right. Make sure the formatting is right, the grammar checked, and proof your story. Make sure it makes sense. Anyway. HIGHS!



Undead Drive-Thru
Rebecca Besser

When Kyndra, Colleen, and Jose apply for jobs at a diner that has seen better days and is undergoing renovations, they have no idea what they're in for.

Aunt-B and John have a horrible secret, and when it's unleashed on the unsuspecting employees of the diner, things get . . . complicated.

Bloodthirsty and dangerous, a zombie awaits the opportunity to feast on them all.

Who will be served first? Can any of them make it out of the Undead Drive-Thru alive?


Spook Lights
Eden Royce

Pull up a rocking chair and sit a spell. Soak in these twelve tales of Southern Gothic horror:

Sinister shopkeepers whose goods hold the highest price, a woman’s search for her mother drags her into the binding embrace of a monster, a witchdoctor’s young niece tells him a life-altering secret, an investigator who knows how to keep a 100% confession rate….

These are stories where the setting itself becomes a character—fog laced cemeteries, sulfur rich salt marshes—places housing creatures that defy understanding and where the grotesque and macabre are celebrated.

The stories are rich in flavor and clever in metaphor, the horrors completely surreal or—far more unnerving—all too possible. She brings a refreshing perspective to the table that paranormal lovers are sure to enjoy.


Donald White

Evil always comes first for the young. Two girls trapped in a nightmare world must struggle to survive. A place where dolls move and bears operate. It is a land of heartless children, and brutal discipline; a realm of witches and shadowy beasts. Fear reigns supreme, and dragon’s breath sets courage ablaze. The girls will be tested at their core, exposing the wicked things lurking underneath. Help will come in unexpected forms, and a battle will be waged for their very souls. You find yourself in Otherplace: a place to find yourself.


Heaven's Forgotten
Branden Johnson

Moira just wants a normal life for her daughter, Penelope. And sometimes, it seems like she has achieved it. Penelope is a sweet, smart, and precocious four-year-old girl. However, she is also the product of Moira's affair with an angel. Her parentage gives Penelope strength far beyond what any child should possess. It also makes her the target of fallen angels who intend to use her mysterious powers as their way back into Heaven. Worse yet, one of those fallen angels is her own father. Now, Moira finds herself caught up in a terrifying struggle for Penelope's life against beings more powerful than she can imagine. And when Penelope's true power is revealed, it will shake the foundations of reality.

Suspenseful and action-packed, Heaven's Forgotten demonstrates the power of a mother's love against the longest odds in Heaven and on earth.


The Dead Survive
Lori Whitman

Got a lot of people to thank this year. People who helped me; people who helped others; people who helped the industry. I'm not going to embarrass you by listing out why you all hold a place for me, but I am going to embarrass you by shouting your names out. So here goes. If you're on this list you'll know why, and if you're not and should be, um, oops. Sorry. If you want to be on this list next year? Go out and touch somebody. Just not in a creepy way.

Toni Rakestraw, Richard Schiver, Rebecca Besser, Ojan Borot, Elisha Neubauer, Armand Rosamilia, Alexis Allinson, Donald White, Eden Royce, Tina Marie, Jaime Johnesee, Cindy Hernandez, David Karich, Chantal Noordeloos, Pierre Rechatin, Robert Nelson, and of course, my wife. 

I'm not going to bang on about all the publishers that I have  worked with in the last 12 months, but I do think two of them have been stand out.

Publisher of The Human Condition, Gnome On Pig Productions, have had a great beginning to their first year. With everything available from books and tees to mugs, I suggest you go check them out, here:

And another fast mover out of the stalls is Eleventh Hour Literary Press. A new imprint from European Geeks Publishing, Eleventh Hour is hosting a small, select group of works, and so far, extremely professionally. Check them out here:

And that about wraps that for the year.

Me? Oh, well as you asked...

Like I said. Fucking. Great. Year.

Books out, deals done. Some you know about, some you don't. Hell, at the time of writing, even I don't know about some of them.

Let's just say, "Roll on '16".

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