Thursday, 31 December 2015

Review: Zombies Inside.

Zombies Inside, the latest collection from author, Rebecca Besser.

"If zombies are what you crave, open the pages of this book for a wild ride! The 12 zombie short stories within (equaling over 64,000 words) will make you cringe, delight your imagination, and possibly even warm your heart . . . so the undead can feast upon it! Be brave and see if you can survive the Zombies Inside!"

Okay, let me start with the one story included by guest author, Courtney Rene. Now, I've not read The Hunger Games, or anything like it, but I was immediately reminded of it with this offering. A young woman, zombie apoc, kill or be killed.

I've never read Courtney Rene, but I am now tempted to pick up a Howl in the Night book.

Her writing was flowing and reminded me of some bleak mashup of Douglas Adams and Richard Laymon. It's funny and distressing at the same time. In such a short piece it gave me a believable world. Ms. Rene, Courtney, if you are reading this: Write THIS. I want a novel of this. It is excellent.

That is all.

So, to Besser.

Just to get this out of the way at the start, as always, Rebecca Besser puts out well edited, well formatted work. Apart from the occasional minor editing error, it goes without saying the book is presented well.

Besser's own stories are all good, of course. We expect nothing else from her these days.

One or two of the stories did stand out for me. Most notably was "My Kind of Woman". The story is utterly mesmerizing. I could picture every second of it, even though it talked greatly of things I (as an Englishman) have never experienced. I loved the protagonist. The ending was perfect. What more can I say?

Other standouts included: The World of Zombies (which has personal meaning to me *winks*); When Plans Fail (utterly heartbreaking); and The Magic of Christmas (and it's sequel).

Each of the stories plucked at the heartstrings, with Besser emoting throughout. The collection gives a mix of stories as well, and I never once felt I was reading stories too similar, which is always a potential problem with single author, themed, collections.

Throughout reading the collection there seemed to be a slight change in style with some stories. Some seemed a little YA/NA to me. Most probably wouldn't notice, but I never venture into reading that style of material, so it caught me off guard. However, if you wanted a gateway book into the genre, I think that helps and would heartily recommend this as a starting point.

That said, if you like zombies and are looking for fun, scares, and emotion, this is also the book for you.

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