Wednesday, 30 December 2015

WITCHES: Tea Party to be released under the EGP Family.

This is just a quick (late) announcement.

WITCHES: Tea Party is to be published Feb.16 by the good people at European Geeks Publishing. I had already announced the release when owner Elisha Neubauer expressed an interest in it. She totally dug it, and brought it into the fold.

As many of you know, I'm moving away more and more from self publishing. This is not because I struggle with it. No, quite the opposite. I am proficient in formatting and cover art, I know some awesome editors, and I can publish across multiple formats. That's the easy part. No, I see my self published work adrift in a sea of other self published work, and I want to work with a publisher. 

The Hand will stay self published until the four planned parts are out, and then the omnibus? Who knows. And I've also got at least two more stories to tell in that universe, so we'll see. I also plan on re-releasing Small Cuts to the Psyche some time in the future, with some internal changes, new cover art etc., however that works out.

So anyway. Mark your diary. Coming February 16 from European Geeks Publishing:

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