Tuesday, 5 January 2016

WordButt (ing) the First Draft.

No advice. Only motivation.

So I'm writing my next novel, cannily called UNTITLED, and I started on Jan. 1. No real reason, certainly not a New Year's Rez or anything. I was ready, had it plotted just before Christmas. I want it turned in to the publisher as soon as possible in the year, and I have other projects timetabled this year.

So I ran at it hoping for over 50% completion (first draft) before the end of the month.

Which I am easily on target for, at the moment, at least.

So I have my motivation. I have created my own timeline, and it's down to me to stick with it.

And that's the challenge.

You need to believe in yourself. Block out whatever is stopping you from doing it, and do it. You want it, right? You want to write whatever it is that you're writing? Then you can do it. I believe in YOU. If you believe in you too, then anything is possible. It's all achievable.

And you know what?

What can be the most depressing part?

No one will know the struggle you have gone through to actually write the thing.

But you also know what?

I'll know. You'll know.

And I will applaud you.

Captain Freakin' Picard will applaud you.

You go. You've got this.

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