Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Let THEM live.

Kill your darlings,
Kill your darlings,
Let them go be free.

For if you let them stay and play,
Your writing will be wee.


*Grapples nay-sayers to the ground*

"They're my Goddamned DARLINGS."

Look. I understand the point of the original quote; Quiller-Couch (or whoever, I'm not here to argue about that) stating: "Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it—whole-heartedly—and delete it before sending your manuscript to press. Murder your darlings."

Well, um, why?

I get it, I get it. Style over substance, and such. But my readers like my style. (Hence my readers.) They like my styles. My foibles. The fact that I say foibles a lot.

Yes I edit my shit together. Yes I have my darlings. Yes. Some of them are staying. If my Publisher's Editor waves the shit stick at it, of course it's coming out. It happens.

Just not very often.

I have had numerous editors send back my manu with tracked changes pointing to my darlings stating, "Love this."

So bollocks. I think about 90% of my darlings make print.

Think about that. Think long and hard.

Then you decide if you want to hack out all your favorite bits of your writing on the off chance that someone else might want to edit them out.

Take all the time you need.


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