Sunday, 6 March 2016

Review: Dealings with Joe, &, Eternally Late

Oooh, a double bill! (As they are shorts, and by the same author)

Scott has no idea how to solve any of the numerous problems filling his life. Then he meets Joe who offers a unique solution. He's not certain Joe can help because the offer sounds a little too good to be true. 

Sort of dark, sort of twisted. Didn't see it coming.

Okay, hands up: I've never read Avril Sabine before. Heads up: the author herself referred to her writing as YA. 

So, I don't read much YA. If any, to be honest, and based on this, perhaps I should. Or should that be Australian YA? I don't know. I'm so confused. 

Off the bat, this isn't what I would call YA. Granted, the writing is not complex, however, I felt the material was. Scott and Joe's relationship is short (as is the story: 2500 words) but it's one of those stories that sort of sits with you. It's very Tales from the Crypt. Very Tales from the Darkside. 

It's also hard to write a spoiler free review of such a short work.

The characters and situation are believable. For many people frighteningly real. The twist is excellent and well hidden. 

The writing is crisp. Description is minimal, of course with the length, but I never felt I was missing anything. And my argument is only that the story isn't YA. It can be, however, this is really an "all ages" read. 

Honestly? I loved it. It's chilling. 

Edit: I didn't think of this when I was writing the review, but this would make a great movie. *nods knowingly*

You can purchase it here:

Tony is always late and his family have all kinds of tricks to keep him on time. But there are some things that just have to be done, no matter how late they make you or how dangerous they are. 

Same as above, YA etc.

But this is dark. Like, really dark. When you hit the mid point of story and the reveal is, um, revealed, you sort of stare at the page. JUST STARE AT IT.

I was just, well, huh, okay.


Anyway. I don't think the writing is quite as on point in this one, but the material carries it. Not a movie for this one, either. It benefits perfectly for being written.

It should be enjoyed, too.

The same as "Joe" the presentation is great. The editing is close to perfect. I didn't get a editor listing, I'm guessing that the good people at Broken Gate Publishing are good at their jobs.

This is great. It opens with humor, rolls around horror, and leaves you STARING AT IT.

You can purchase it here:

FW's few thoughts:

People should pay more attention to Avril Sabine. She is clearly accomplished as an author. I now want to read one of her novels. She advertised herself to me as a YA author. I totally dig weird, bizarre, and mostly squicky, horror. This work rocked awesome.

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