Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A good product should be a story, not a book.

For the last two years I have read nothing but indie. I love indie writing. It can be different. It can go new places without fear. It can take that extra step, go that extra mile.

You see, I love the step up. I write it myself. Something different, something that's not mainstream.

But I have issue.

Now, and not for the first time, I have found issue with the indie author's product.

I'm not talking about the story.

I'm talking about the product.

And it keeps happening.

No matter how good the story is, no matter how wonderful the writing is, the product has to be solid. And for the first time in two years I have abandoned my kindle and picked up a big five paperback. Not for the story, but for the product.

I'm a little tired of having to try when I read a novel. I'm tired of having to stop and think. I shouldn't have to wonder if that is a spelling mistake or not. I shouldn't have to forgive the basic grammatical errors. Because for every one I wonder about, or every one I forgive, I'm a little more distracted. I've been taken from the magic, the storytelling, the wonderment of the writers word, and I'm back, sitting cross-legged on the bed with a book, not in a story.

And when the number of times it happens add up, the story becomes more and more a book.

Until it is no more a story, a place, a feeling, but it is only words on a kindle.

And my grammar is not good. I'm not talking about professional editing services. I'm talking about spell check. I'm talking about basic, pre-teen punctuation. Close off your speech correctly. Put in your periods.

And don't make me say this:

If you don't care about your product,
why should I? 

The book that caused me to do this was good, but the memory of the story will fade, as even now I remember less of the journey, and more of the mistakes. Will I pick the book up again and try to read it again?


I would be nice to see it edited again, by the author, the author's SO, a friend, a colleague. It didn't need much, and I would have continued reading. 

My work isn't perfect by any means, but I try to put out a solid product. When I put work out that raises comments about the product, the quality, the next piece of work goes out better. 

I get better, my work gets better. 

But not everyone is like that, and it has to stop, before the indie market takes another blow (like it doesn't get enough of them).

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